We offer a wide range of insurance models available at the Macedonian and international insurance market. Even more – customer tailored insurance models.


Providing our clients with prompt and efficient assistance continuously from claim submission procedure until indemnity is collected.


We are particularly proud of having specific expertise and experience in the field of reinsurance.


Our task is to indicate the standards of the insurance business and determine the possibility of their polyvalent connection with individualized priorities, in order to define your risk.We believe in risk surveys and presence at the client’s premises to monitor the process and optimize solutions.


We’ve been on Macedonian insurance market since 2003.

The mission of the company is to apply the insurance practice and theory in the most harmonious possible way to provide optimal security to our principal - the insured, our client.

For our client, a legal and economic entity, this means working in a creative and inspirational atmosphere to achieve the goals of the business, and for our client, an individual/s, fulfilling of personal insurance demands and needs related to it’s property, liability, health and life, regardless if mandatory or voluntary insurance.


“Creators for the Ages” award

In its jubilee 20th year of existence and business activity, Euromak Broker JSC is the winner of the prestigious “Creators for the Ages” award for the year 2022/2023, by the World Regional Congress of Entrepreneurs from Central and South-Eastern Europe, at the annual gathering from 09. – December 11, 2023, in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The selection of the winners for this great recognition is carried out by eminent professionals from the field of economics, the financial sector, the media from 9 countries in consultation with the business, institutional, academic and social stakeholders in the countries where the candidates, i.e. the laureates, come from.



  • What is an insurance brokerage company?

    An insurance brokerage company is an intermediary between the parties that wish to conclude an insurance contract between them in the area of property and personal insurance and reinsurance business & services, doing & applying strictly defined business activities regulated by Insurance Supervisory Law.

  • Insurance brokerage company is an insurance intermediary, conducting it’s activities in accordance with the rules of the profession, following good business practice. An insurance brokerage company monitors the terms of the contract aiming to achieve best insured’s protection and for that purpose continuously prepares the best insurance offers considering premiums-prices, scope of the coverage – insured perils, presenting policy elements & clauses such as deductibles & depreciation impact & exclusions of coverage, assists in claims management enabling best possible beneficial outcome for the insured, providing support to insured since day 1 of the day of loss in each step until indemnity is paid by the Insurance company..

  • Pursuant to the Insurance Supervisory Law, Insurance Supervisory Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia, is in charge of the supervision. In accordance with legal requirements, the insurance brokerage company submits the data in the required volume, manner and time frames to the competent government institutions throughout the year.

  • A brokerage company is a legal entity, self-governed on business manners employing independent group of experts in the field of insurance, with years of professional experience. An insurance brokerage company has business cooperation agreements with insurers in the country and abroad. This allows the insurance brokerage company to represent the interests of it’s clients in the best possible way. Your cooperation with an insurance brokerage company, which does not require you to pay any fees, may significantly save your time and resources (outsourcing insurance department of yours) which you would need to hire yourself. Insurance brokerage company bears full professional liability for it’s actions while servicing you or your business. The professionals employed by the insurance brokerage company are called insurance brokers.

  • The intermediary commission (brokerage fee), in line with the EU directives, from the expense loading within premium is paid by the Insurer (insurance company). This expense would have been occurred and paid anyway to any other sales channel of the insured involved (agent, agency, etc.) in that insurance contract, in case the insurance brokerage company has not been involved. Insurance brokerage company does not overloads the original premium.

  • A broker – intermediary acts in the name and on behalf of the Client (Insured) and represents his interests. An agent acts in the name and on behalf of the Insurer (Insurance Company) offering to the prospective Insured the terms and conditions under which he can insure his property and person with the Insurer.



Headquarters office: St. Kiro Gavrilovski 7/1, Skopje 1000, North Macedonia

Operational office: St. Vasil Glavinov 7/B, Skopje 1000, North Macedonia

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